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We provide accounting, tax, and tax resolution services that financially empower our clients, as individuals and business owners. 全球官网电子游戏公司致力于通过提供高质量的服务来促进客户业务的长期增长, cost-efficient, and value-added tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services. We also specialize in representing taxpayers before the IRS, providing solutions to keep the IRS out of your life forever.

About OUR CPA Firm

全球官网电子游戏是一家成立于2005年的家族企业,目前由一对父女团队经营, John and Jasmine DiLucci. 全球官网电子游戏是一家提供全方位服务的会计师事务所,提供纳税申报和规划服务, tax resolution services, and bookkeeping.

全球官网电子游戏的商业模式以与客户的长期沟通关系为中心,从而实现价值最大化. 全球官网电子游戏的专长是为有税务问题需要解决的客户以及需要定期会计和税务服务的企业主提供服务. 

Jasmine DiLucci, JD, CPA , EA

Tax Lawyer

Enrolled Agent

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John DiLucci, EA, CTRS

Certified Tax Resolution
Enrolled Agent

IRS Tax Resolution

Our enrolled agents specialize in resolving your IRS tax issues, 策略性地接近你的独特情况,以确定最佳解决方案. Whether you have payroll tax problems or income taxes owed, 全球官网电子游戏可以评估你方是否有资格通过妥协要约来解决你的债务. Also, we assist in penalty abatement, installment agreements, and removing federal tax liens or wage garnishments. Contact us to discover your IRS tax resolution now.

Tax Return Preparation

全球官网电子游戏协助新的和现有的企业主选择正确的税务实体. 迪鲁奇会计师事务所处理所有类型的企业和个人纳税申报在达拉斯, TX (and surrounding areas) so you can focus on your business, including tax returns for Partnerships, C and S Corporations, single member LLCs, and your individual return. 此外,全球官网电子游戏还负责联邦和州的税务申报以及国外的申报要求.

Bookkeeping Services

We work alongside business owners to provide bookkeeping support. Our Dallas area CPA Firm offers full-service bookkeeping services. We also offer monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping review. Ultimately, 全球官网电子游戏的目标是在财务上授权您作为企业所有者,并提供您发展业务所需的工具. Contact us to find out more about our Dallas area CPA services.

Financial Analysis

Understanding financial data is essential for any business. 全球官网电子游戏全球官网电子游戏的财务专家使用历史财务数据来评估贵公司当前和未来的业绩,并就如何使贵公司更有利可图提出建议.

Tax Planning

At DiLucci CPA Firm, we know the best strategies to keep your tax bill small, while helping you to avoid costly penalties. 全球官网电子游戏的认证税务专家将帮助您实施税务规划策略,这将使您获得成功, and less stressful, 年底,你可以放心地报税了.

Fractional CFO

With our team as your trusted partner and advisor, we deliver a full suite of first-class fractional CFO services. 全球官网电子游戏的定制解决方案旨在帮助您优化企业的财务策略, manage and accelerate growth, resolve cash flow issues, and achieve your business goals.

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Jasmine and John DiLucci believe in providing high-value, free content to all individuals and business owners. However, 本网站提供的信息仅供一般教育参考,并不构成您可信赖的专业税务建议. Please click here for the full disclaimer.

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